HACKEDEPICCIOTTO JOY (Meditation Soundtrack) CD

Release: 08.05.2018

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“hackedepicciotto” are Alexander Hacke and Danielle de Picciotto. Both have been known internationally for their work for three decades: the musician and artist Danielle de Picciotto moved from New York to Berlin in 1987 to become a co-initiator of the Love Parade; Alexander Hacke is a founding member and bass player of Einstürzende Neubauten. The artist couple, friends since 1988 and married since 2006, has worked together creatively with numerous multi-media projects for decades and has regularly released their own compositions.

Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke gave up their home in Berlin in 2010 and since then travel the world, on the one hand to broaden their horizons and on the other hand to find a place where they can found a cultural site in which they support other artists and themselves can generate art. During these long years of nomadic traveling, numerous tours and related efforts, they have regularly resorted to meditation and yoga, have become vegan and have stopped smoking and drinking. They became aware that their journey requires an inner transformation to successfully reach their goal.

Accordingly, their music also changed. Asked by many fans worldwide if they could compose a soundtrack suitable for meditation or yoga practice, they released the meditation soundtrack UNITY in 2016. This CD was received so enthusiastically that now they release their second meditation soundtrack “JOY” on May 1st 2018, this time with two guest musicians Vincent Signorelli (Unsane) and Eric Hubel (Glenn Branca). These musicians are better known for their American hardcore bands, but Eric has been a yoga master for 20 years and Vincent was one of the first followers of the New York Hare Krishna movement. The album was recorded in Tulum, Mexico; Montreal, Canada; NYC, USA and Berlin.

The result is ten beautiful pieces, unusual in their instrumentation: Eric Hubel has been collecting African and Indian stringed instruments for years, Vincent specializes in percussion and mainly recorded his wooden staircase in Mexico, Danielle is a master of hurdy gurdy, auto harp and violin and Alexander sings overtone vocals to self-recorded gongs, the so-called bowchime and the bass register of an accordion.

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